" You never know with installations and landscaping projects these days.  Often times there is a large group of people that comes to my home like a loud whirlwind, digging things up, not able to understand specific instructions, sometimes breaking things or cutting lines.  I was so pleasantly surprised by your three person crack staff.  You were polite, friendly and fast, and fun to talk to.  I could not be happier with the painless, three hour installation process, and I am very excited to finally be able to enjoy my lawn and pool after tossing those old mosquito contraptions in the tool shed.  Thank you Mystem.  I have already found you several more clients for this revolutionary New England insect misting company. " 

Mrs. E.R., 2010 June, Lower Fairfield County, CT. 

Mystem System eliminated the mosquito problem that kept me from enjoying my patio and garden three seasons a year for decades. Now I can have a meal outside without the nuisance of mosquitos, which used to drive my dinner guests inside the house on perfect summer evenings. This system has changed the way I use my home, patio and pool. I only wonder why it took so long to reach the Northeast. I would recommend Mystem to any New England family that likes to spend time in their home and garden.”

- Satisfied Rowayton Mystem System Client

"I am glad I had Mystem System installed quickly in one day. Why not have the option for mosquito control when I'm with my family on the patio or by the pool? Why not have the manual remote option so my guests are not annoyed by flies, mosquitos and gnats? Well worth the phone call."

- Satisfied Mystem System Client

"I have a nice house and a family that enjoys the yard and pool. I have an electronic fence for my dogs, I have a sprinker system, and lights are run around the perimeter of my property. Until Mystem  System was installed mosquitos and flies were the one thing I did not have a handle on in my backyard."

- Satisfied Mystem System Client